The Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium (IBC) was established by three PAUs (Pusat Antar Universitas or Inter-Universities Center), namely the Biotechnology PAU of IPB, ITB and UGM on September 29, 1992. At that time the director of PAU IPB was Dr. Muhamad Jusuf, the director of PAU ITB was Prof. Oei Ban Liang and the director of PAU UGM was Prof. Joedoro Soedarsono.

IBC is a scientific organization and is not affiliated with Social and Political Organizations. IBC is an association of institutions that conducts development and application of science and technology in the field of biotechnology.

IBC members are institutions engaged in biotechnology, and not individuals. The founding members consist of three PAU Biotechnology, and members consist of institutions that are interested and volunteered to become members of IBC. The legal basis for IBC is Akta KBI No. 30, dated October 14, 1994.



  1. Bring together government and / or private bodies, institutions and industries engaged in biotechnology.
  2. Conducting communication or relations and establishing cooperation with governmental and / or private bodies, institutions and industries engaged in biotechnology and related fields abroad.
  3. Assist the government in the development of various sectors related to biotechnology.


  1. To coordinate and collaborate in research in the field of biotechnology to spur the development of science and technology in Indonesia which is described in a work program.
  2. Conduct dissemination and application of findings through training activities, scientific meetings, scientific publications, technical consultations, scale-up of production, plant design, process design both at home and abroad.
  3. Provide input in the form of concepts for the development of education and research policies in the field of biotechnology in Indonesia.