On Friday, February 11, 2022, the Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium held a Working Meeting attended by the administrators and members. This meeting took place both offline and online through the ZOOM application.

Attending the offline meeting at BB Biogen, among others:

  • Mr. Mastur (Chairman of KBI)
  • Mr. Saptowo (Secretary I)
  • Mr. Andreas (PT. Elokarsa)
  • Mr. Sigit Sadewo (PT. MRK)
  • Ib. Eny (Secretary III)

Meanwhile, the number of administrators and members who attended online meetings through ZOOM reached 39 participants representing 30 institutions, universities, and companies.

The meeting began with the presentation of KBI’s vision, mission, and work program by the Head of KBI, Bp. Mastur, who discussed the importance of members’ growth as well as the participation of existing members, in addition to increasing the carrying capacity of domestic biotechnology research and industry. The possibility of collaborating with scientific journal publishers is also discussed during this meeting.

The next agenda int the meeting was the introduction of the newly joined KBI members

  • PT Nusantic: specialized in the microbiome for skin
  • Sciencewerke: P. Kurdianto: distributor of laboratory equipment for genomics, proteomics, diagnostics.
  • IRCVS BB : Mrs. Sumarningsih : development of the covid test.
  • Unila: P. Setyo Dwi Utomo (there are several lecturers in the field of Biotechnology).
  • Unsoed: P. Sugiyono, Prita: Masters in Biotechnology.
  • IRRI: Mrs. Inez S. Loedin.

The last agenda was the reporting from each department related to activities and planned activities to be carried out. The participants were also given the opportunity to submit suggestions and input for the future development of KBI, particularly with regard to the procurement of an independent secretariat building or office as well as sources of income for KBI by involving the participation of the management and members.

Here are some screenshots that were taken during the meeting