Opening of International Biotechnology Conference (IBC)

At the beginning of July 2012, the 5th International Biotechnology Conference (IBC) of the Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium (KBI) was held at the Sentosa Hotel, Mataram-Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on 4-7 July 2012. This event is a routine celebration of KBI which was attended by almost all members of KBI from all over Indonesia, both from government institutions, private sector, companies and community organizations. This event is supported by PT. Fajar Mas Murni, DAAD, Indosol, PBS, PT. Branita Sandhini-Monsanto, PT. Syngenta, and PT. Elokarsa.

The theme chosen at this year’s conference was “Green Industrial Innovation through Biotechnology”. This conference was somewhat different from before, because a side event was also held in the form of an Indosol Workshop (Indonesian-Dutch Cooperation) and DAAD Workshop (Indonesian-German collaboration) as well as a biotechnology product launching from KBI members and a declaration of the Indonesian Agricultural Biotechnology Coalition (KBPI).

The conference began with remarks from the Chairperson of the Committee, Chair of the KBI, UNRAM Chancellor Representative and the opening by the NTB Regional Secretary. Then proceed with Plenary Session and Parallel Session by presenting local and international speakers. The conference was also enlivened by poster stands and product exhibitions from sponsor companies such as PT. Fajar Mas Murni, PT. Elokarsa, PT. Merck Indonesia, Syngenta, Biofarma, Hepatica etc. Then in the evening a Welcome Dinner was held by the Governor of NTB and PT. Newmont NTB at Sentosa Hotel Restaurant, which was attended by all conference participants.

The dinner was opened with a NTB traditional dance presentation followed by the launching of the KBI product, the declaration of the Indonesian Agricultural Biotechnology Coalition from PBS, the inauguration of the Biotechnology Student Chapter Forum and the signing of the collaboration between KBI and Green TV Channel.

Before dinner, the Research and Technology deputy was pleased to deliver a speech from the Minister of Research and Technology who was unable to attend. Head of BB Biogen, Dr. Karden Mulya, Prof. Dr. Suharsono as the Deputy Chair of KBI and Dr. Misri Gozan (Chair of the IBC V Committee) also accompanied the Chairman of KBI, Prof. Dr. Bambang Prasetya at the product launching dinner and reading of the Lombok Declaration.

In this important event several Biogen BB researchers also participated in both the registrar and conference participants (IBC V) and the participants of the Indosol Workshop. On the evening of the second day a KBI Board of Management Regular Meeting was held. The agenda of the meeting included the introduction of new KBI members, follow-up to the launching and determination of the time and place of the 5th KBI congress in 2014.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the KBI accompanied by one of the Deputy Chairpersons of the KBI and Secretary I of the KBI. On this occasion, a welcoming and introducing new KBI member, namely UNSRI, Fac. Pharmacy UI and UNPAD. Then for the venue and time for organizing the 5th KBI Congress in 2014, it was set, in September 2014 at UNSRI-Palembang.

Chairman of BB Biogen as IBC Vice Chairman accompanied Chairman of KBI
during Product Launching and Declaration Reading