The Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium (KBI) convened its member meeting once again on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at PT Elokarsa Utama, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Similar to the previous gathering, this session followed a hybrid format and saw the participation of representatives from KBI member institutions spanning various regions in Indonesia.

Before commencing the meeting, attendees present in person were invited to partake in a friendly luncheon provided by the host. This event aimed to foster camaraderie and collaboration among KBI members.

The meeting commenced with remarks from Mr. Steven, Business Strategy Director of PT Elokarsa Utama, expressing appreciation and support for KBI’s contributions to biotechnology advancement in Indonesia. Following that, Mr. Mastur, Chairman of KBI, delivered a speech to inaugurate the proceedings.

A significant item on the agenda was the introduction of new KBI members, including the Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanagara University Jakarta, the Faculty of Biology at National University Jakarta, and the Faculty of Pharmacy at Mahasaraswati University Denpasar. These three institutions officially joined KBI in May 2023 and are prepared to actively participate in the scientific and social activities organized by the consortium.

The meeting proceeded with the presentation of an evaluation report covering KBI’s activities from March to June 2023, encompassing seminars, workshops, webinars, publications, and collaborations with relevant stakeholders. The KBI board also shared financial reports and future activity plans. Additionally, the meeting featured discussions on various KBI-related matters, such as membership, work programs, renaming of certain member institutions, as well as communication and advocacy strategies.

This member meeting served as a platform for the board and member representatives to reaffirm their dedication and enthusiasm towards contributing to the advancement of biotechnology in Indonesia. The meeting concluded with words of gratitude from the KBI Chair to all those who supported and participated in the event.