Welcome to the 2nd Webinar of IBC – ITS Webinar Bioprocess Series entitled “Bioprocess Quality Control for Innovative Biological Products Development” in collaboration with Research Organisation for Health – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Indonesia and Roche Diagnostics Indonesia.

On the 1st webinar last month, we have covered on the new updates on bioprocess research in Indonesia, how to do the basic bioprocess method and how to optimize it, so this time the speakers will present their research and solutions for its quality control for development and production of innovative biologicals.

We have two expert speakers:

  1. Masteria Yunovilsa Putra – Head of Research Center for Vaccine and Drugs Development, BRIN

“Downstream Processing and Quality Control of Biological Products Development”

  1. Johnson, Ph. D. – Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics Indonesia

“Optimizing Bioprocess Control with Cedex solutions – Roche CustomBiotech”

This webinar will be moderated by Dr.rer.nat. apt. Catur Riani from School of Pharmacy, ITB

Opening Remark 

  1. Dr. drh. NLP Indi Dharmayanti, M. Si. (Chairman of Research Organisation for Health – BRIN)
  2. Mastur, Ph. D. (President KBI)

Save the date:

📅 Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Starting at 9.00 AM (GMT+7)

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